Working at Disney English

I worked as a learning partner intern (LP intern) at Disney English in China for six months.  I was co-teaching with a foreign trainer (FT). Our students were young learners aged from 3 to 6. We created different kinds of activities and games to make sure that students were learning the language while they were having fun in class.

We were singing a “number song” to help the students review the number.

The learner was learning different shapes and colors. I was helping the learner idendify the target pattern.

We used apples to teach the leaners the sentence patterns “may I have an apple, please” and “yes, here you are”. We had learners practice with us and their classmates.

This was our end of tern presentation (EOTP).  The learners graduated from the level and received certificates and gifts.

Teaching young children is not always easy, and it’s very difficult for them to have fun and enjoy learning English if their teachers don’t enjoy teaching them. I have to be passionate and good at creating an active learning atmosphere in our class to prompt my students to learn the language.

The working experience at Disney English motivated me to purse my future career in education. I really like what one of my colleagues at Disney English wrote to me. “Making children feel happly, fun, and inspired to learn English has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, but it’s not always easy to do. There will always be the little things though that make all the hard work worthwhile.  My advice to you is that whether you face challenges at work or tough times in life is to just remember… And remember how many children will have better and brighter futures because of the work that you’re doing now.”